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Trusted for Generations

Rooted in the Rockies, Alpine Plumbing Heating and Cooling is the most trusted in the Billings, Montana area. Our family owned and operated business has been proudly serving the community for over 30 years. With four generations of plumbers homegrown in Montana, you can trust that our expertise is unmatched by the competition. We pride ourselves in reliable and trustworthy service for any and all HVAC and plumbing needs. Give one our specialists a call today for quality customer service with years of experience to back it up!

Ed Murray

Ed Murray

Ed Murray is quite possibly the most soft spoken, kind hearted soul that you could find in this profession. Ed started as an apprentice with Alpine over 15 years ago and quickly became an asset to Alpine with his vast knowledge in, well everything. With a background in construction and roofing there was little that Ed did not know. As he finished his apprenticeship and became a journeyman plumber he quickly became the go to guru when any plumber has a question. As the shop foreman, renovation expert, and camp counselor he carries the weight of our diverse team on his shoulders and does so with the patience of a saint!

Along with Ed comes the reason we all gain weight in the winter; Janet, his wife, is an amazing baker! Janet brings cinnamon rolls, fudge, cake pops and her famous cookies to the office often and honestly makes the world a better place, or at least this office!

When Ed gets some time to himself he builds rat rods. What is a rat rod you ask? I didn't know either and now my mind is blown at the talent and immense knowledge that Ed has. A rat rod is a vehicle that is made from scratch from all sorts of different materials... for example a beer can for overflow tank, building the frame from left over steel. His favorite rear end axle to use is from a Ford Pinto which is a rare find. Ed gets the whole family involved as his wife Janet paints, his oldest son Zach helps with the build and then takes pictures. Ed has received dozens of trophies from various car shows in Montana, Wyoming, Nevada and South Dakota. Over the years Ed has built 7 rat rods, sold 3 and currently has 4 complete. Ed is currently working on, according to his son Zach, a ridiculous amount of projects waiting to be done, including a mafia car.

When asked what made Ed want to become a plumber he simply said "It was something different" although our fearless leader Robert remembers it quite differently. Ed is the first one to the shop every morning and the last one to leave every day. We are very blessed to have Ed, Janet and the kids in the Alpine family!

Kenneth Edward Clark  III

Kenneth Edward Clark III

What is to be said about Ken Clark, he is our drummer plumber, the jokester, the kind heart with a passion for people. The baby faced, tattooed, drummer has over 24 years of experience plumbing from residential to commercial.

Ken started his plumbing career in 1993 in Colorado Springs, needing a job he was given the opportunity for a steady paycheck that quickly turned into a career. He moved between Texas and Colorado until 2007 when he made Montana his home. In June of 2009 Ken came to join the family at Alpine and quickly became an asset.

Although, his favorite part of plumbing is roughing in new construction, doing a project from nothing to completion is a very satisfying part of what he does. The "class clown" loves fixing customer's problems, going out of the way to be kind and polite. "You have to call a plumber so already you're not in the best frame of mind. I try to take some of the stress out, putting the customer at ease and adding a little humor to a hard situation."

Ken was given his first pair of drum sticks by his dad when he was 4 and found his passion in music. Playing drums for several different projects, he is one of the founding members of the band The Bitter Road which recently released their first album out of Billings. You can catch him around town taking in all kinds of music from Jazz to Metal. Ken is a supporter of live music no matter what it is.

Joe Guerechit

Joe Guerechit

Joe Guerechit came to Alpine from the construction world in 2014 and started his apprenticeship with us. Joe quickly found his groove at Alpine and became the go to guy for all of our remodeling projects. Now a journeyman plumber, Joe quickly became part of the Alpine family.

In his off time, Joe can be found on the off-road racetrack and spending time with his family. Joe has won several trophies racing and does trail conservation. He builds his own trucks for racing and enjoys tinkering on cars in his spare time.