Summer Blog

Summer is in full swing! Are you staying cool?

We have been working like mad trying to keep everyone happy and cool and we are killing it! One of the most satisfying aspects of our job, here in the office, is getting to hear from our customers. All of us ladies love helping our customers out any way we can, which sometimes is just an ear to listen, and other times is to get a technician out to solve the problem.

Our guys have been working on some big projects over the summer and am excited to get to share some pictures soon! From a brand new industrial building to bathroom remodels, we are getting to see it all.

Starting in September we are going to be featuring a Facebook coupon! If you see it on Facebook you can grab it and get up to $50.00 off of your service. Check us out on Facebook and watch for the new coupons!

We have also been working on our website, all of the changes you have seen recently have been implemented by TownSquare Media. They have been a huge help to us here at Alpine and the changes have been great! I would love to send them your way if you need website, advertising, etc. Give us a call if you want more info on them!

So, that’s it from the Alpine Office for the middle of summer. We hope your summer is going as well as ours!

Spring is trying to come to Billings but having a rough start!

So, what do you do in the in between? Once the weather is in the 60’s consistently, give us a call to schedule your yearly maintenance on your air conditioner. Wait to hook up your hose until the weather is consistently 60 degrees or higher. Once you hook up your hose or turn on the outside spigot, be conscious of the weather. If the temperatures drop below 35 degrees overnight, disconnect the hose to prevent freezing.

Not sure if you need to have your air conditioner serviced? Here is what we have learned here in the office. We cannot service your air conditioner until the weather is at least in the 60’s. Then we come out, check the coil to see if it needs to be cleaned, replace filters if necessary, check amps on your blower, check the charge on your unit and start it up to make sure you are good to go for the summer!

We are here if you need us! Call 252-7100 for your personal plumbers and HVAC technicians.

It’s that time of year… AGAIN!!

Winter is on its way! Don’t get left out in the cold. Getting ready for winter does not just mean finding your coat… your house needs protected as well!

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Make sure all hoses are disconnected from the faucet and outside faucets are turned off. If your outside faucets are not frost free, make sure to insulate properly to help prevent freezing and breaking which could lead to costly repairs.
  • Drain your sprinkler system.
  • Change furnace filters and remove any items you have stored near the furnace, particularly anything that is likely to catch fire.
  • Remove any household items that are sitting on top of or in front of air ducts and return vents throughout the house

A clean, well maintained heating system will save you money and prolong the life of your furnace.

Alpine Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has experienced professionals to ensure everything is working properly. Give us a call to schedule a fall / winter furnace service.