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Summer Blog

Summer is in full swing! Are you staying cool? We have been working like mad trying to keep everyone happy and cool and we are killing it! One of the most satisfying aspects of our job, here in the office, is getting to hear from our customers. All of...

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Spring is trying to come to Billings but having a rough start!

So, what do you do in the in between? Once the weather is in the 60’s consistently, give us a call to schedule your yearly maintenance on your air conditioner. Wait to hook up your hose until the weather is consistently 60 degrees or higher....

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It’s that time of year… AGAIN!!

Winter is on its way! Don’t get left out in the cold. Getting ready for winter does not just mean finding your coat… your house needs protected as well! Here are just a few suggestions: Make sure all hoses are disconnected from the faucet...

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