Winter To Do's


  If anyone is like me, they make lists for EVERYTHING! Grocery lists, packing lists for trips away, etc..

  Yeah, we have our daily to do lists, making beds, getting kids ready for school and making sure you have your wallet, keys and phone. Question though: How many have made or done their winter To Do List?

  Yearly chores can easily be forgotten due to everyday life and before you know it winter is here, and you have no heat and busted water pipes everywhere.

I figured, since we had a recent little cold snap, I’d help everyone out with a handy dandy To Do Winter List.

  1. Its very important that before you fire up the ole fireplace, clean that chimney and fireplace. (Only you can prevent a fire up there)
  2. Getting your furnace or boiler serviced will help with any heating issues you may already have and helps with the life of the system.
  3. Make sure you unhook ALL of your outdoor hoses from the spigots.
  4. Are you headed south with the birds? Consider getting your home winterized, so when you come back home you shouldn’t have issues.
  5. Outdoor yard work. Ie: Clear those gutters out of any debris. Spray for those unwanted pesky spiders, bugs and rodent control. If you don’t have newer windows, its recommended that you cover the windows with plastic to help hold the heat in.
  6. A fresh oil change, tune-up, snow tires on and new wiper blades on the family truckster can all be scheduled with 1 appointment to your mechanic. Save you some time. Put the ice scraper/snow brush and an emergency kit in your vehicle.
  7. Change all the batteries in your smoke and co2 detectors.
  8. Clean all the dryer vents to prevent fire. Also, every 5 years you should change your washing machine hoses to prevent freezing pipes and leaks.


Getting on balanced billing with your utility companies will help hold the cost to make these other To Do’s more affordable.

Most of these are a simple phone call to your Plumber or HVAC company and mechanic.


Happy Winter Friends!